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I had to name this post in some way, as it is the protocol. I have no name for this feeling and I don’t know what to say. Sad, speechless, my heart’s crying tears of blood… 

I decided to write it straight in English as this issue affects us all at the moment. 

This is a part of my son’s chat with a friend. The boys are 9-10 years old. I am not certain, what country the other guy is from. Mine is under Lite_Lion nickname.

Chat with a friend 16.3.2020
Chat 16.3.2020

This is my call to all the adults of the lockdown countries. 

Please, do not panic! We need common sense and solidarity to go through the situation. Our children need us to stand still and straight. They watch us and learn. So, let’s be their heros! 

I know it is not easy to swallow your tears when you come home to your hungry children with an empty shopping bag. We’ve also been there couple of days earlier: standing front of empty shelves. It is temporary, believe me. I’ve also learned some tricks to conjure a dinner from nothing. I can share my experience with you. And no, you don’t need 100 rolls of toilet paper for couple of weeks. You’ll have to go out for food shopping much before you’ll run out of toilet paper.

Please, keep your calm. You children need you. They need reliable and sane adults at their side.  It is our moment to grow up and be in control. Together we can win whatever enemy, also corona virus. 

Please, talk to your children. They are scared, they are lost, they need you now more than ever. Be there for your child!

#bethereforyourchild #patiencenotpanic

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