Update for the post: Coronavirus – Headline Killer Updated 25.3.2020 COVID-19 , Centers for Disease Control and Prevention The Coronavirus post sparked a heated debate on Facebook. I was accused of underestimating the Coronavirus and in the same breathe was claimed, that the place for a flu child is not "at home and isolated". In … Jatka artikkeliin CORONA UPDATE

New Morning – Unknown

English Edition Now Released: PUBLISHED 9. th of JANUARY 2020 (Suomenkielinen painos tässä) Description: Two women live their lives in the swirl of their everyday routine: a polished EU-parliamentarian and a teacher from Crimea overwhelmed with her tasks. It looks like they have it all. But once their universes cross, nothing is going to be … Jatka artikkeliin New Morning – Unknown

Intro: Blogging And Blog Following Consequences

A Morning in Riga Bloggers are an easy channel of advertising material and non-material production, and a really cheap channel. That’s why blogging has spread so widely. It’s a popular way of sharing one’s experience and also earning extra money. It leads to the fact, that blog posts are normally over-positive and roundabout. This is … Jatka artikkeliin Intro: Blogging And Blog Following Consequences