To Work Or Not To Work – That Is A Coronaquestion

The global economic crisis raises a number of legal issues and ethical dilemmas. Together with global economic crisis, we are facing a fully new dilemma: to work or not to work… Jokes are far away here. Both, employer and employee can find themselves front of the choice: to risk one’s life or to risk the … Continue reading To Work Or Not To Work – That Is A Coronaquestion

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Working From Home

Use your toilet paper creatively 🙂 I’ve been working from home for years. The Coronacalypsis time is something absolutely different, in an absolutely ridiculous way.  We were moaning for ages to have the opportunity to work from home. Now we are moaning about how lonely is it to be isolated from any social contacts by … Continue reading Working From Home

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My Shopping Directory

My Shopping Directory in Finnish (suomeksi) My Shopping Directory. (HappyColor) Here I will share my personal experience in one of my favourite hobbies: online shopping. The text DOES contain affiliates, but it DOES NOT mean that I would modify my truth to serve it. I will also edit and add more articles/sites as soon as … Continue reading My Shopping Directory


Update for the post: Coronavirus – Headline Killer Updated 25.3.2020 COVID-19 , Centers for Disease Control and Prevention The Coronavirus post sparked a heated debate on Facebook. I was accused of underestimating the Coronavirus and in the same breathe was claimed, that the place for a flu child is not "at home and isolated". In … Continue reading CORONA UPDATE