To Work Or Not To Work – That Is A Coronaquestion

The global economic crisis raises a number of legal issues and ethical dilemmas. Together with global economic crisis, we are facing a fully new dilemma: to work or not to work… Jokes are far away here. Both, employer and employee can find themselves front of the choice: to risk one’s life or to risk the … Jatka artikkeliin To Work Or Not To Work – That Is A Coronaquestion

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Working From Home

Use your toilet paper creatively 🙂 This post is a digital nomad and it has migrated to the new destination - Working From Home in Introverts Network Blog This post in Finnish is still here: Kotitoimisto #coronacalypsis #workfromhome #quarantinelife #2020 #covid-19 Introverts Network - A Network For Ultimate Introverts Year 2020 Archives Subscribe … Jatka artikkeliin Working From Home

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My Shopping Directory

This article in English has migrated to the new address: My Shopping Directory at Introverts Network The Finnish article is still here: My Shopping Directory - Omasta kokemuksesta (suomeksi) My Shopping Directory. (HappyColor) Beauty, Fashion & Shopping Archives Subscribe to our newsletter!


Update for the post: Coronavirus – Headline Killer Updated 25.3.2020 COVID-19 , Centers for Disease Control and Prevention The Coronavirus post sparked a heated debate on Facebook. I was accused of underestimating the Coronavirus and in the same breathe was claimed, that the place for a flu child is not "at home and isolated". In … Jatka artikkeliin CORONA UPDATE